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robot 2.0

Robot 2.0 movie review

Robot 2.0 teaser review :

robot 2.0

Robot 2.0 teaser is superhit already in youtube. People liked alot and exicted to watch this movie 3D. Only in 24 hours 32 million views crossed. Now starting of movie only teaser is released in youtube they makes a new record 24 hours 32 million views crrosed. Movie budget is 550 crore. People exicted to watch advance technology in 2.0 movie and Rajinikanth as a Chitti in a movie and his opposite Akshay kumar as a villian in a movie.

Teaser also superhit and people waiting for official trailer and movie. Akshay kumar first movie with Rajinikanth and first movie is South Indian. Akshay kumar in a bollywood maximum movies of akshay kumar touches 150 crore only but this big movie and best oppurtunity for akshay kumar to croess 500 crore worldwide easily. A big waiting upcoming movie now after watching the teaser people now more exicted to watch the movie.

robot 2.0

Big budget movie ever 550 crore first movie with VFX that spend too much in a movie. Akshay kumar mostly 4 movies in a year and this movie is best movie of akshay kumar’s career , his last movie is gold are average in box office. Akshay kumar most of movies do like gold, toilet ek prem katha, entertainment and etc like some comedy and some romantic and fighting movies but now Rajinikanth with akshay kumar proves his acting with unique role as a villian in a movie opposite to Rajinikanth as a Chitti in a movie. This is the most awaited movie of a year. This movie release on 29 november 2018. People exicted to watch action, story line, VFX, and fighting between Rajinikanth as chitti and Akshay kumar as Dr Richard in a movie characters. Due to many delays date of Robot 2.0 because movie works does not complete but now its all ready to run in a theaters. So teaser is also superhit and movie also Paisa Vasul.

Robot 2.0 teaser review
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Robot 2.0 teaser review
Robot 2.0 teaser is superhit and movie also. Akshay kumar proves by his acting that he is a perfect in every role.
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